Imagine your family and presents around a Festive Fun Tree this Christmas, sharing the love and happiness of the season. You’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood and let’s face it Santa won’t be able to leave once he’s seen your tree so more pressies might be in store.

Our Festive Fun Trees are made from sturdy, durable, colourful materials. They are easy to assemble with assembly taking just 10 mins and with so much colour additional decorations are at your own discretion.

This great idea for a colourful Festive Fun Tree came about from seeing so many average same looking trees at my local Christmas store and I thought Christmas is the happiest time of year so why not have a tree that is truly festive. Hence Festive Fun Trees was born!

Available in 3 sizes to suit any home or office:

  • Dasher: 180cm – This tree makes a grand statement in any home, perfect for making a very festive impression with your friends and family. At 180cm tall and approx. 100cm wide this tree will be a beautiful addition to your home this Christmas.
  • Rudolph: 120cm – If you are looking for a tree with lots of WOW but not too big then our Rudolph tree at 120cm is perfect. This tree will be sure to turn heads and catch the attention of visitors this holiday season.
  • Cupid: 60cm – Cupid is the cutest and smallest of our tree offerings and is the best option to dress up your home or office this Christmas if space is of lacking, perfect for table decorations at 60cm tall and approx. 40cm wide.